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Welcome to the world of Maine Micro Furnace.  Maine Micro Furnace (MMF) is a patented, new and revolutionary state-of-the-art furnace that will change the way Industrial Scrap is disposed of, lower the cost of steam, heat and electricity and be a significant help in cleaning up the environment.
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Overview of Maine Micro Furnace

Maine Micro Furnace is a more fuel efficient and environmentally sensitive furnace. 

Maine Micro Furnace
MMF - increases production profits by over 50%.
Maine Micro Furnace
MMF - uses pure oxygen (O2) as the oxidizer in a furnace chamber the size of a scuba tank that achives 5,000 degrees Fahrenheit.
Maine Micro Furnace
MMF - completely converts coal (including the soot) into energy and drastically reduces NOx emississions by avoiding air-derived nitrogen.
Maine Micro Furnace
MMF - can be installed near coal fields or inside existing utility buildings to produce competitively priced electricity to export nationwide via the power grid.
Maine Micro Furnace
MMF - China, Eastern Europe, and other nations can use MMF to burn fuels cleanly to comply with international environmental treaties.
Global Challenges calling for MMF Technology:
      • The attack by terrorists in America
      • The energy crisis in California
      • Combustible fuels that pollute when burned with current technology
      • Global warming creating serious environmental problems.
Market and Impact of MMF:
      • Renasissance for coal

      • MMF will burn our nation's most abundant fuel reserve without emitting any NOx.
      • Benefits to high tech companies
        • To avoid power grid disruptions
        • Provides heat, steam, cooling, electricity
        • More than doubles hourly output of electricity vs. current coal furnaces
        • Burns multiple fuels simultaneously
MMF Competitive Features:
      • Safe
      • Flexible
      • Mobile
      • Extends Infrastructure Investments

You may download or print out our catalog, available in as a PDF file.

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