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Welcome to the world of Maine Micro Furnace.  Maine Micro Furnace (MMF) is a patented, new and revolutionary state-of-the-art furnace that will change the way Industrial Scrap is disposed of, lower the cost of steam, heat and electricity and be a significant help in cleaning up the environment.
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Maine Microfurnace - An Environmentally Friendly Company Based In Portland, Maine
The furnace system fuels on any dry organic material and the list of possible fuel sources is not limited to the those provided above.

Renaissance for coal - burn our nation's most abundant fuel reserve with immediate and substantial reductions of Nitorgen Oxide (NOx) emissions.

Allow high tech companies to generate their own electricity to avoid power grid disruptions that interrupt services and damage data command systems.

Create steam, heat, air-conditioning, electricity for factories, greenhouses, retail outlets, sports stadiums, convention centers, hotels/resorts, housing complexes.

Cities near oceans will be able to create nearly inexhaustible supplies of fresh water.


MMF services any industry which may find a use for this system.  In particular, Agriculture, Asphalt, Carpet, Desalinization, Paper, Plastic Polypropylene, Printing, Rubber, Wood and Utility industries.

The five foot (21" diameter) furnace can produce between three to five million BTU's per hour.

Can be made to retrofit existing utility boilers and achieve reductions of emissions (NOx, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, soot and ash).

Ships and factories can convert their scrap materials (carpet clippings, used paper) into fuel for MMF.

Uses pure oxygen as oxidizer which fires MMF to 5000 degrees Fahrenheit to completely burn C to CO2 and soot into energy.

For all information currently available about MMF, please download and read the documents on our Documents page.

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