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Welcome to the world of Maine Micro Furnace.  Maine Micro Furnace (MMF) is a patented, new and revolutionary state-of-the-art furnace that will change the way Industrial Scrap is disposed of, lower the cost of steam, heat and electricity and be a significant help in cleaning up the environment.
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About MMF
Maine Micro Furnace, Inc. has been operating in research and development since 1999.

We manufacture and assemble furnace units and are the sole distributor.

Maine Micro Furnace's research and development is proud to represent this patented, revolutionary process.  Now, it is possible for many industries to acquire a furnace that can reach temperatures of up to 5000 degrees Fahrenheit.

Micro Furnace Technology
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Until now, no furnace or boiler system has had the technology to enter this range of heat without melting the walls of the furnace.

Having the ability to reach these high temperatures open opportunities never before attainable.

The Pribish Burner will save industry operating costs, reduce or eliminate furnace downtime, and help clean the environment by reducing Nitrogen Oxide Emissions, soot and carbon monoxide.

MMF personnel have spent five years developing a multi-chambered, modularized furnace that uses solid, liquid and/or gas fuels.

MMF processes and designs have been duly patented in the U.S. patent office and further protected with overseas patents.

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Maine Micro Furnace
In essence, the furnace is a collection of generally linear ignition-combustion chambers grouped into clusters, each cluster being a matrix of spaced chambers.  Clusters are independent units capable of being shut off from other clusters in the event that chambers in the cluster need repair, replacement, or insulation for use as designated combustion sites for simultaneous burning of alternate fuel types.

Fuel and oxidizer are metered to each chamber at preheated temperatures if desired, and combine only when they leave their delivery tubes for ignition.  Feedback is thus precluded.

Chambers are of varying cross-section, and made of ceramic, ceramic coated metals, metal-filled ceramic.  Each chamber is individually supplied with separate fuel.  These lines meet within separate chambers at the point of ignition.

Chambers are grouped into clusters of four to six chambers. These chambers exhaust into a plenum.  Other plenums in turn exhaust into one or more conduits leading to the point of discharge, be that a heat exchanger, a turbine, etc.

Pribish Burner, Maine Micro Furnace
Pribish Burner, Maine Micro Furnace
In the case of solid fuels, coal carpeting, TDF, sugar cane stalks, etc., these are dried if needed, and ground to a fine mesh before delivery to ignition chambers.

More documentation about MMF is available on our Documentation page, including our marketing program that is available for qualified applicants.

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